Oct 20, 2007

And this is a real shocker I am sure..

Head of Reconstruction Teams in Iraq Reports Little Progress Throughout Country

The blog post title is tongue in cheek my dear reader...its no surprise to me, and I doubt it is to you either. From the NYT writeup linked above:

Attempts by American-led reconstruction teams to forge political reconciliation, foster economic growth and build an effective police force and court system in Iraq have failed to show significant progress in nearly every one of the nation's provincial regions and in the capital, a federal oversight agency reported on Thursday.

Good ol' Bush..have clusterfuck, will travel..And he had the audacity to wax poetic about the headway being made in Iraq just this week during his press conference. Lying bag of batshit that he is. Iraqi's will never get along..they haven't for over a hundred years. Its not friggin rocket science.

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