Oct 3, 2007

Bush has breakfast w/Gathering of Eagles

Evidently Bush has no problem showing his support for mean, violent groups..just so long as they support his idiotic war. The Gathering of Idiots..oops, Eagles were invited to dine with Bush, Laura, Condi and the Big Dick Cheney three days after they went after Carlos Arredondo during the DC March. This post, written by Hannah Johns, originally appeared on After Downing Street

On September 18, 2007, three days after members of the pro-war Gathering of Eagles were involved in the verbal, then physical, attacks on Gold Star Father and war opponent Carlos Arredondo (and to a much lesser extent myself) at the march in DC, the president, Laura, Condi, Karen Hughes, and Darth Cheney hosted groups they deem supporting the troops at a breakfast on the south lawn of the Whitehouse. Here are three pictures which show that the administration is not too choosy in the terrorists it invites for eggs and bacon.

There is a photo of Chris Hill, 'National Director of Ops' for the Gathering of Eagles, with the prez himself, one of Chris Hill over Carlos during the altercation, and one just after as he distances himself from the police questioning. These people continue to encourage physical confrontation with those they disagree with, which now polls show is a strong majority. This was a wakeup for me. I didn't think that in public they would try to strongarm a middle-aged woman like myself. The verbal abuse they hurled at those who passed them by would have been reprehensible enough, but to follow up with ripping off (fallen US soldier) Alex Arredondo's photo, and the ensuing kicking of his father, was shocking. To me, anyway. I guess not to Bushco.

Chris Hill and Bush:
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Chris Hill and Carlos Arredondo:
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Chris Hill and Fellow Pro-Death Activist just following their attack on Arredondo:
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What this shows us is that Bush is sending a message to these types of fuckwits... that he appreciates their violent tendencies and will reward them. This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, since Bush was a mean child and as a adult has shown he doesn't give a rat's ass about the human cost of his War for Oil.

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