Jan 2, 2008

Kucinich touting Obama in Iowa..wtf?

Which..just totally freaked me the fuck out. Why would Dennis do that? I know he won't get the nod, but still..why do this so damn early? Its only the first caucus/vote..so why is Dennis telling his supporters to vote for Obama? From the LA Times:

DES MOINES -- Barack Obama's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination might have gained a slight advantage Tuesday with Ohio Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich's recommendation to his supporters to back the Illinois senator if there is insufficient support for Kucinich in individual precincts.

While Kucinich's support is slight here, polls show a statistical tie for first among Obama, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards. Given that tightness, any small increase in caucus support could turn out to be significant.

Under Iowa's Democratic caucus rules, a candidate must receive 15% of the turnout in a precinct Thursday night to be "viable" in that precinct. Supporters of candidates who do not clear the threshold may then back another candidate.

An agreement between Kucinich and Edwards four years ago to send supporters to the other candidate in precincts where one was not viable has been credited with helping add to Edwards' second-place surge.

I just find it a tad odd that he isn't supporting Edwards this time around..wonder what thats all about...is it about politics? Because I have supported Kucinich only because he doesn't play politics, he votes and speaks his conscience..at least he did. This throws a monkey-fucking-wrench into my plans, since I have been a Kucinich supporter from the start. Damn it..

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