Feb 12, 2008

Like Kucinich before him..Ron Paul to protect his congressional seat.

Thank God..let the voters in his district in Texas put up with him. Ron Paul, per MSNBC, has scaled back his presidential run and is focusing on his congressional primary race, Paul spokesman Jesse Benton acknowledged.

Paul is being challenged by Republican Galveston City Councilman Chris Peden in the 14th congressional district for the March 4th Republican primary, the same day as the Texas presidential primary. Paul's name will appear on the ballot for both races in that district. Paul has raised $400,000 for the TX-14 race, Benton said. Paul cannot use his presidential funds for congressional primary, since he has not withdrawn. The campaign has about $5 million on hand for the presidential race, Benton said.

Buh Bye Ron Paul ;)

On the $5 million, Benton said, "We're not looking to take any with us. We're going to spend it on what donors contributed it for." Even though he said they're "looking to spend every dime on the presidential race," he acknowledged that there is certainly an "organization that has been built out of this campaign" that they will use after the presidential race, including their more than 300,000-person e-mail list.

He managed to build a nice little nest egg for 'other activities' wouldn't you say?

Today's Photo..er..Graphic..ok, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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