May 13, 2008

John Yoo, the Torture King speaks.

It wasn't easy to read this article. I have an over-powering hatred for the man. The following section just made my blood run cold:

It seems grotesque, doesn't it? To sit in a comfortable classroom as the future lawyers of America clack away on their laptops, parsing definitions with the man whose legal mind turned America into a torturing nation?

Grotesque doesn't even begin to cover it pal. That is sumbitch actually gets to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame smacks of hell on earth to me. Why isn't he on trial? Why isn't he explaining this shit in front of a whole bunch of Congress critters? Why in the blue hell isn't he languishing in a cell like the people in Gitmo..without due process?

Yoo is evil..pure unadulterated evil. That we would torture people who have done nothing blows apart everything we stand for as a nation. That we would torture them without even providing them due process is enough to get Yoo and his cronies into the final level of Dante's Inferno.

" Yoo also wrote the memo that put the "enemy combatant" label on Padilla. As a result, the lawsuit claims, Padilla was held without charges for three years and eight months, completely alone under twenty-four-hour camera surveillance, with his windows blacked out and no clock or radio or TV to help him mark time. Sometimes the lights were left on for days, sometimes he was left in the dark for days, sometimes the cell was extremely hot, sometimes extremely cold. His sleep was constantly interrupted and he was threatened with death and given disorienting drugs and shackled and forced into stress positions for hours at a time. Whenever he was moved, he wore a blindfold and noise-canceling headphones to reinforce his isolation and helplessness. After a few years of this intentional effort to break his will and destroy his mind, Padilla was given to "involuntary twitching and self-inflicted scratch wounds" and his jailers often observed him weeping in his cell, so broken and passive that he had become "like a piece of furniture."

Like a piece of furniture. This is a human being, and one I might add, that was never proven to have done anything against the United States or it's citizens.

John Yoo plants his vile logic into the minds of our next generation of lawyers.

How does he sleep at night? Has he rationalized all the guilt away? I will have to finish reading it later...I feel I need a shower NOW and I haven't even gotten past the first page.

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