May 14, 2008

Oh no he didn't!!!!!!!

Larry Craig, that erstwhile bag of batshit that loves him some public restrooms is aiming for the spotlight again:

The Idaho Republican, who was famously made a pariah in his own party after allegedly soliciting sex in the Minneapolis airport men's room, announced that he would offer an amendment to the forthcoming Iraq war supplemental that would strip the legislation of Sen. Jim Webb's GI Bill.

Sweet Jaysus, wtf is Larry baby up to? Trying to cull favor with the rest of his Rethug brethren? He is a pariah at this point in his career. He thinks the bill is TOO generous..fucking loser.

I don't know if this is a scoop by HuffPo because I can't find anything else on the internets about this..

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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