Aug 10, 2008

Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari: US must provide a "very clear timeline" to withdraw its troops from Iraq

I don't know how much clearer BushCo and John McCain need to hear this from the Iraq Government. From the Yahoo article:

In an interview with Reuters, Zebari said the agreement, including the timeline, was "very close" and would probably be presented to the Iraqi parliament in early September.

Asked if Iraq would accept a document that did not include dates for a withdrawal, Zebari said: "No, no. Definitely there has to be a very clear timeline."

BushCo is still pushing for immunity for US troops with regard to Iraqi Law prosecutions, which is going over like the proverbial lead balloon. Also being pushed by BushCo: the amount of power the American military will have to detain Iraqi citizens, and their authority to conduct military operations.

Frankly, I don't care what excuses or rationale are used...I want our troops home NOW.

Artwork by the wonderfully talented Mark Bryan.

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