Sep 6, 2008

Can John McCain run a country better than Andrew runs a bank?

As I blogged in July, Andrew McCain was running as fast as he could away from Silver State Bank. EmptyWheel has a post up that states what I figured was going to happen back in July, namely Silver State was getting ready to fail.. From Empty's post:

The FDIC just declared Silver State Bank in Nevada a failure (h/t this DKos diary).

From February to July, Andrew McCain, son of Presidential candidate John Bush, served on the Audit Committee of Silver State. Under Andrew McCain's guidance, the bank lost $73 million. Now, along with serving as foster parents for troubled siblings Fannie and Freddie, you and I are going to have to insure the savings of Silver State's depositors.

No wonder Tom Ridge can't tell the Bushes and McCains apart.

Tsk, tsk...another McCain, another banking scandal...what IS it with that family and banks? The FDIC info page on this latest bank failure can be seen here.

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