Sep 12, 2008

Hunter Biden quits his day a lobbyist.

I blogged shortly after Biden got the VP nod that his son Hunter's entire career was as a lobbyist.

I am happy to report that Hunter has shunned his day job. From the AP:
Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden's son Hunter has stopped working as a federal lobbyist, work that had made him a Republican target in the presidential contest.

"I no longer expect to act as a federal lobbyist," Hunter Biden said in a letter to the Clerk of the House and the Senate Office of Public Records. The letter is dated Aug. 25 and was made public Friday.

It takes a big man to quit something as lucrative as lobbying. I give Hunter his due. What seems to have turned the tide for Hunter is the latest client they signed, coupled with his fathers new political move. From the WSJ:

In June, Biden agreed to work for a wealthy American who founded a large online gambling company from Gibraltar. According to the disclosure forms, Hunter Biden was charged with lobbying House lawmakers on behalf of a law firm that represents online gambling magnate Russ DeLeon. Listed as one of Forbes’ richest Americans, DeLeon was an original founder of the popular online gambling company

Republicans approved legislation in 2006 to outlaw Internet gaming, but Democrats are trying to overturn the ban. Rep. Barney Frank, the chairman of the House Financial Services panel, announced this morning that his committee will take up legislation to that end next week.

The stakes are high: The Internet gaming business is a multibillion-dollar industry; PartyGaming posted a $500 million profit in 2005. According to a form filled out by Hunter Biden just a month before the Democratic convention, Biden’s firm earned $50,000 for a few weeks work from PartyGaming before the second-quarter filing period came to an end June 30.

Hey, whatever it takes. I wish all lobbyists would have an attack of conscience.

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