Oct 19, 2008

He did it-Colin Powell endorses Obama

Appearing on “Meet the Press,” former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell says he's voting for Democrat Barack Obama.

General Powell even gave money to McCain at the outset of the campaign! Powell, who isn't without his own demons in the run-up to Iraq, lays out every single thing that is wrong with the Republican partys move to the extreme right, Sarah Palin and John McCain and his message, his flip-flopping on the economy..its all here in this six minute statement. He mentions it all folks...every last sickening, disgusting thing wrong with the reichwing nutjobs who control the Republican Party and evidently John McCain.

And for that, I am glad, even happy. Powell has, as I said, responsibility for the lies that led us into the war in Iraq. He never spoke publicly about his fears until it was too late..but he did sort of 'redeem' himself this morning on Meet the Press.

IF that doesn't piss off the Rethugs, perhaps Obama's latest financial statement will:
Obama raises record $150 million
Fuck you John McCain, and your little lap dog Palin too.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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