Oct 15, 2008

Make Poverty History

Poverty robs humans of every coping mechanism there is.

It takes away their pride, their heart, their drive and their grit.

Poverty is noticeable to the naked eye many times.

Its the way you are dressed. Its the look in your eyes.

Poverty will steal everything that makes you....you.

And it will forever change you. It can make you humble or it can make you angry.

Because Poverty hurts physically and emotionally.

It will steal the life out of you if your not strong enough to withstand the barrage of problems, situations and anxieties that are heaped upon you.

Poverty will sap your intellect, it will dull your senses after a while.

Poverty hurts all Americans. It robs all America of something and someone valuable.

World-wide Poverty robs the entire earth of valuable, contributing humans.

It takes away an important commodity. It takes away a contributing human from our society and the world as a whole.

We spend billions trying to rectify it by putting band aid after band aid on it, yet its the first program that gets cut when the government needs to rathole money for Corporate America or an god-forsaken war somewhere.

We can never stop fighting Poverty. No matter where it exists in the world. If for no other reason than it knows no boundaries. It can hit any of us at any time and through no fault of our own.

So even if your a selfish fuck and only think of yourself...fighting poverty is a self-preserving action.

Because no one wants to be poor and hungry. No one.

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