Dec 8, 2008

What.Balls. He. Has!

Merrill Lynch's CEO believes he deserves a $10 Million bonus. I shit you not. His company had to be bought out by Bank of America if you recall m'dear reader.

John Thain is very serious about this. From Reuters:
Merrill was arguably saved from extinction when it agreed to merge on September 15, an hour before Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc filed for bankruptcy. The fear was that Merrill could be next if shareholders and trading partners fled, as many did at Lehman and the former Bear Stearns Cos.

Thain has said he deserves a bonus because he helped avert what could have been a much larger crisis at the firm, people familiar with his thinking told the WSJ.
Nevermind that bad management brought this finanical business almost to it's knees. Nevermind that they should all be lucky they still have jobs in this economy. Evidently he smokes a lot of pot and has short term memory loss.

How else do you explain this fucktarded expectation?

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