Jan 17, 2009

Mary Frances Berry Responds to John Tanner

Tanner is the fucktarded Bushie that had the nads to send a racist email, on the company computer one might say, that cast Ms. Berry, also an employee, in a real nasty friggin light. From TPM:
The former chief of the department's voting rights section, had told a colleague over email in 2004 that he liked his coffee "Mary Frances Berry style -- black and bitter." Berry, an African-American, was at the time the chair of the US Commission on Civil Rights.

Well, Johnny sent her an apology which you can see and peruse here...which according to Ms. Berry isn't worth mentioning. Of course he did not email her the apology until the first letter was released to the public under the FOIA last week. Why, Muy embarrassing to be outed as a fuckery-laden racist at the end of your time on the public dole wouldn't you say? Btw, he didn't lose his job over this, but most companies would seriously frown on company emails such as this about high-ranking co-workers.

Do we have a fucktard of the week already? Christ, its awful soon for that..we have until next friday to name one, this takes all the air out of my sails about looking for the next one.

Oh, and another excellent read is William Rivers Pitt on The Shrubs last speech, replete with Monty Python remembrance!!!!! Its wonderful m'dear reader and just hits the spot for all you leftwing nutjobs out there. ;)

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