Feb 25, 2009

Who exactly was Jindal talking to?

It sure wasn't the folks in the center and it damn sure wasn't me. His whole shtick, aka his speech, was that government is bad and tax cuts are good. Check out this quote:
Today in Washington, some are promising that government will rescue us from the economic storms raging all around us.

Those of us who lived through Hurricane Katrina -- we have our doubts.

Horseshit. It was a REPUBLICAN-led Congress and Administration that fucked Louisiana and the gulf region before and after Katrina. Does this nitwit think people are going to forget that fact?

He also lied his ever-lovin ass off. Spreading bullshit about what is in the stimulus plan, which has been a Republican staple:
But Democratic leaders in Congress -- they rejected this approach. Instead of trusting us to make wise decisions with our own money, they passed the largest government spending bill in history, with a price tag of more than $1 trillion with interest. While some of the projects in the bill make sense, their legislation is larded with wasteful spending. It includes $300 million to buy new cars for the government, $8 billion for high-speed rail projects, such as a "magnetic levitation" line from Las Vegas to Disneyland, and $140 million for something called "volcano monitoring." Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C.

There is NO SPECIFIC language regarding highspeed rail and the locations to fund. That determination will be made by Ray LaHood, a fucking Rethug and Obama's Transporation Secretary.

As for the 'volcano monitoring..Mother Jones has a good point in their article on Jindal's lies and fabrications:
The 'volcano monitoring' part is almost as misleading. According to ProPublica, the relevant portion of the stimulus money is for "U.S. Geological Survey facilities and equipment, including stream gages, seismic and volcano monitoring systems and national map activities." It seems obvious that employing geologists, building facilities, buying equipment, and paying people to map the country all have a stimulative effect. But more importantly, why does Bobby Jindal think monitoring volcanoes is a bad thing for the government to be doing? There doesn't seem to be any immediate way for private enterprise to profit from monitoring volcanoes (maybe selling volcano insurance?), but there is obviously a huge public benefit from making sure volcanoes are monitored: warning people if a volcano is going to erupt. Isn't that obvious?
It's the same Rethuglican bs...it's was just being spouted by a new face. How they expect to win hearts and minds with this fuckery is beyond me.

Did he mention the San Francisco salt marsh mouse? That is another favorite lie of the Rethugs. If he did, I missed it.

UPDATE: For the nimrods, that still believe the salt marsh mouse story...here is a news link debunking it.

There is more crapola in his speech but frankly I don't have the stomach for it this morning as my back is screaming at me.

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