Mar 6, 2009

Is AIG the biggest welfare queen in the financial world?

These fuckers have some nads. Begging for additional Billions..

And they got it! $30 Billion more to be exact. From ProPublica:
AIG may be singlehandedly saving hundreds of lawyers from unemployment: In the past week, it sued the IRS over a disputed $306 million in taxes, got sued by former CEO Hank Greenberg and hammered out a new deal with the U.S. that reaped it another $30 billion in aid.

AIG also may have sapped the last of the U.S.’s good will in the process: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke lashed out at the company’s irresponsibility on Tuesday. A Senate panel then demanded yesterday that the Fed name AIG’s trading partners benefiting from its bailout.

God, I can't believe what they are getting, and how smarmy they are...yet we still try to stretch each dollar we can.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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