Mar 12, 2009

Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer and CNBC

I don't know if anyone is following the skirmish between Jon Stewart and CNBC's Jim Cramer but it's very interesting and funny as hell. From Alternet who has the whole sordid mess from beginning to end:

The fight between Jon Stewart and CNBC started out with a "brutal, but utterly hilarious" attack on Rick Santelli's infamous rant against homeowners, and an insightful look at just how wrong CNBC got it in the days and months before the econopocalypse:

Stewart aped Santelli's newsgrabbing shouty-faced blubber from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, coyly admitting, "I have to say, I find cheap populism very arousing." And then, for eight minutes, Stewart at his arch best (with the help of the crackerjack Daily Show research team) went on an absolute tear and burned CNBC right down to the doorframes. "If only I'd followed CNBC's advice, I'd have a million dollars, provided I'd started with a hundred million dollars."

Then, Cramer went after Stewart on his show, Morning Joe and the Today Show. Below is Jon Stewarts response:

Cramer will be on The Daily Show Tonight...Its must see tv!

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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