May 22, 2009

News you probably can't use..

Roundball took the stage for me Thursday night. King James sunk his only three pointer at the final buzzer. The series is tied 1-1 and now goes to Orlando for two games. Box score here.

Rest of my sports mumbo jumbo is here. Don't want to alienate my 6 regular readers! ;)

Lebron scored the most points of any player on the court. Still, the Cav's got to step up. You hear me mutha fuckas?

As far as the Lakers/Denver series..Denver hasn't lost at home in the post season..the series heads to Denver...please beat the Lakers dudes..ok?

Ok, it's time to get back to politics..but I don't want to get back to politics..this IS the roundball playoffs for Christs sake.

Aw..the intensity..the grief, the decisions..Makes politics look like childs play sometimes.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled bitchfest. ;)

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have purchased a domain name. I have been meticulously working on a new site,Leftwing Nutjob. Please change your bookmarks people..this puppy will no longer be updated as of July 1st 2011.