Aug 10, 2009

Holder to name a special prosecutor.

The SP will be investigating torture abuses.

But wait! Before you get all giddy, its not what you think. According to the Chicago Tribune, it's going to be "narrow" in scope, focusing on "whether people went beyond the techniques that were authorized" in Bush administration memos known for their extreme interpretations of anti-torture laws.

From Jurist:
US Attorney General Eric Holder profile; is expected to name a special prosecutor who will be tasked with investigating the alleged abuse of detainees and other terrorism suspects by CIA interrogators, according to a Sunday Los Angeles Times report. The report cites a senior Department of Justice official who says that Holder will limit the probe to determining whether individuals went beyond authorized techniques when interrogating suspects. The official said that no final decision has been made, but last month it was reported that Holder had requested a list of 10 possible candidates.
This probe is merely window dressing folks. According to the LAT, it will be almost impossible to get a conviction. So why is he doing this?

Bullshit and bravado? He will be wasting money on an investigation that will do nothing to the assholes that allowed detainee's to be tortured in the first place. This quote says it all:
"I don't blame them for wanting to look into it," said a former high-ranking Justice Department official familiar with the details of the program. "But if they appoint a special prosecutor, it would ultimately be unsuccessful, and it would go on forever and cause enormous collateral damage on the way to getting that unsuccessful result."
Such a waste of resources wouldn't you say?

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