Apr 23, 2010

Today's number: $29 Billion

That cunt, AZ's Jan Brewer, went ahead and signed the bill which legalizes, in AZ, racial profiling and other civil rights intrusions. She received over three times as many anti-bill messages from her constituents than those who supported this fucked-up legislation.

I hope that worthless hag will appreciate the drop in income for her state if, as many think, the state law enforcement folks will go hard after anyone that looks hispanic, otherwise known to the haters as brown people and mud people among other things. Check out this local writeup on what 'those people' aka undocumented workers, bring to the state cash-wise:
If all undocumented workers were removed from Arizona's workforce, economic output would drop annually by at least $29 billion, or 8.2 percent, according to a University of Arizona report released Wednesday.

The study is based on Census Bureau and other data from 2004, the most complete year available, and assumed most non-citizens in the state are undocumented.
It also found that Arizona's documented and undocumented immigrants generate nearly $44 billion in output annually.

Without most non-citizen immigrants, the simulations showed:

• $6.56 billion in lost construction output.

• $3.77 billion lost in manufacturing.

• $2.48 billion lost in service sectors.

• $600.9 million lost in agriculture.

"Filling the specific jobs in question would require large numbers of low-skilled workers, and the U.S. education system produces relatively few of them," Gans said. "There simply aren't enough additional workers in Arizona to fill the jobs."
Output means money folks..as in salaries, spending and of course..profits.

What a piece of shit she is...seriously. There aren't enough white folks to take those jobs, and I lived there for over a decade, so I ain't blowing smoke up anyone's ass. But evidently, the governor can't see past her own fucking ignorant nose.

Today's Photo..er..Graphic..ok, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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