Feb 2, 2011

The group, Americans Against Food Taxes is anything but.

Like the Koch Brothers, The Corporations behind the new commercial being run, Americans against food taxes want you to believe the group is a groundswell of Americans that are tired of being taxed to death by Big Government. The commercial and their website are loaded with images of average Americans when the reality is: this is a bullshit misleading front group for The Corporatocracy once again. From Sourcewatch:

Americans Against Food Taxes (AAFT) is a front group funded by the beverage industry which consists of major restaurant chains, food and soft drink manufacturers and their associated lobbying groups. It was organized by the American Beverage Association to fight a proposed three to ten cent tax on soda, sugary drinks and energy drinks to help fund health care reform in the United States. [1][2]
Its Web site states that Americans Against Food Taxes is a "coalition of concerned citizens – responsible individuals, financially strapped families, small and large businesses in communities across the country" who opposed a government-proposed tax on food and beverages, including soda, juice drinks, and flavored milks. But its extensive membership consists mainly of lobbying groups for packaged food and soda companies, chain restaurant corporations and the world's large food and soft drink manufacturers and distributors, including the Coca-Cola Company, Dr. Pepper-Royal Crown Bottling Co., PepsiCo, Canada Dry Bottling Co. of New York, the Can Manufacturers Institute, 7-Eleven Convenience Stores, and Yum! Brands.

There could very well be a group of American's that do not want to pay small taxes on sodas and so-called energy drinks to fund anything, but this group ain't one of them, although they state they have 83,000 individual members, there are no names of them on the website..only corporations. When I sign a petition I allow my name to be used publicly.  Here in California a poll has shown that a majority of Californian's would rather pay a two percent tax on soda's and energy drinks than see more cuts in  education funding.

Why can't they be up front with us is the question that American's need to ask them. Why are they lying and misleading us with their commercials and their website? Once again, it's Bullshit for the Masses my friends..eat it up! They count on it.

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