Apr 1, 2011

WI recall effort, 1st GOP casualty is Dan Kapanke

The jerkwad republicans in WI should be drinking a boatload of Maalox this morning as one of their own is now on the recall chopping block. From Slate:

The western Wisconsin Republican, who unsuccessfully challenged Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis. last year, is the first state senator who'll have to fight a recall petition. The Democrats announce:
Now, Kapanke has no choice but to know that the working families of Wisconsin will be heard.
As for the seven other Republicans who have joined with Walker, they will know soon what Kapanke knows, that when Wisconsin's working families speak, you should take care to listen.
Kapanke has 10 days after the filing to challenge signatures. If enough petitions are found to be valid, there will be an primary election six Tuesdays after that decision; four weeks that, there will be a general election.
Do they hear those footsteps heading into the registrars office? I hope to fuck they do. 

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