May 4, 2011

1st quarter lobbying: How the Corporations rank.

FromThe Center for Responsive Politics CNBC has gleaned enough information so that they can provide a decent writeup about The Corporatocracy and who is spending how much in the world of lobbying our elected congress critters:
According to the Center, the US Chamber of Commerce topped the list, with spending of just over $17 million in the three-month period. Next was General Electric, a minority owner of NBC Universal and CNBC, with just over $9 million, and AT&T, with spending of just over $6.8 million.

The highest ranked non-business interest group was AARP, which placed ninth with $5 million in quarterly lobbying spending.

Ranked by sector, the pharmaceutical and health industry topped the list with spending of over $62.5 million, followed by the insurance industry with just under $40 million and the oil and gas sector with $39.4 million in spending.
 Lets not forget the gun lobby! After the Tucson Massacre that lovely bunch of fools went from $40,000 during the first quarter of 2009 to $75,000 during the first quarter of 2011.” According to the CNBC report.

Don't you just love Democracy! Thank You SCOTUS for Citizens fucks.

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