May 3, 2011

US Oil Companies now exporting more fuel than it sells here. From our Dept of WTF?

A humble thank you to my bud RJ for this maddening tidbit of information. From the FinancialTimes (subscription req'd):

The US has become a net exporter of fuel for the first time for nearly 20 years as drivers struggle with high petrol prices. 
Energy department data show the world’s largest oil consumer in February shipped out 54,000 barrels more petroleum products each day than it purchased on the global market. 
The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, reported US refined product exports rose 24.4 per cent in the first quarter of 2011 from a year ago, to 2.49m barrels per day. Imports declined 14.4 per cent to 2.16m b/d. The export increase is led by diesel and finished petrol, data from the Energy Information Administration show.
So why in the blue hell are we paying more each month for our gasoline and fuel oil if Big Oil has enough to sell on the open market to other countries and still fill our national needs? This my friends, is total bullshit and we are getting hosed without a doubt. If they wanna screw the consumer, let them fuck over the countries they export to, not the United States as we are still giving these mutha fuckers subsidies up the friggin wazoo, along w/tax breaks and other perks

This should be price gouging, without a doubt. Paging Eric Holder...

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