May 27, 2011

Memorial Day, The Military and Social Security

This seems like a good time to remind our..cough..beloved politicians that a whole shitload of military vets and disabled/deceased soldiers's families( wives and kids) live on and depend on Social Security, Disability and that pesky government health care  that all politicians get btw). Just a few facts for those dispshits in charge to ponder when taking an axe to entitlments and the like, thanks to VoteVets:
Some highlights of the report, which can be found here:

    Social Security currently pays benefits to over 9 million veterans-about 4 in 10 veterans.
Over one-third of America's 54 million Social Security beneficiaries are either veterans or family members living with them, such as their spouses.
Of the 13 to 14 million veterans-or 6 in 10-who are not Social Security beneficiaries, the vast majority will become beneficiaries in the future.
The vast majority of the Active Duty community's 1.4 million members, 700,000 spouses and 1.2 million children, and the Total Selected Reserve community's 1.1 million members, 400,000 spouses and 650,000 children, are eligible for Social Security's disability and life insurance benefits if a service member becomes severely disabled or dies.
Indeed, approximately 771,000 veterans receive Social Security disabled worker benefits, averaging $1,100-$1,200 per month.
Social Security's young survivors' benefits are particularly important to the 4 in 10 active duty members who are married with children and the 1 in 20 who are single parents.
As of January 16, 2011, the number of American servicemen and women killed on active duty in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was 5,860, leaving behind an estimated more than 4,000 children
After we help those brain-dead fucks in DC digest those facts, we can all enjoy the three day weekend we call Memorial Day Weekend.

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