May 26, 2011

State Judge voids WI anti-union law

A republican-appointed judge has ruled Scotty Walker and his henchmen fucked up when they tried to rush through the bill containing the anti-union clauses. From Reuters:

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi said Republican lawmakers violated the state's open meetings law in rushing the legislation through during massive protests at the state Capitol earlier this year.
The Wisconsin proposal, championed by Republican Governor Scott Walker, eliminates most collective bargaining rights for public sector unions and requires them to pay more for pensions and health coverage.
The law has been on hold pending the legal challenge. Now that Sumi has ruled, the state's Supreme Court is expected to take up the issue. Although the Supreme Court judges pledge to be independent, a veteran judge backed by Republicans was just narrowly reelected to a state Supreme Court, giving Republican-leaning judges a majority on the court.

This is a procedural ruling does not mean the fuckwads in the WI state legislature can't put this bill up again for a vote...after it goes through the states Supreme's. 

You know they will. It's a no-brainer for these union-hating bags o' batshit.

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