May 23, 2011

MSNBC hires former GOP head Michael Steele

I love Rachel Maddow, so I see Steele a lot..she evidently adores arguing w/him. She will get plenty of time for that evidently, from Time:
Fox News' Republican-professional commentator ranks have been thinning lately, with contributors Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum leaving to explore Presidential runs. So you'd think that Fox might be a promising perch for former GOP party chief Michael Steele. You would be wrong: the defenestrated RNC head is not an especially popular figure among the conservatives who make up much of Fox's viewership, and today it was announced that he will be joining MSNBC, of all networks, as a commentator. An actual human, non-puppet commentator.

Of course, it's not like MSNBC has no other Republicans in its pundit ranks, the chief example being Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough. But it will be interesting to see if Steele presents himself as a GOP analyst/loyalist, a la Fox's Karl Rove, or moves from his partisan past a la the TV version of Scarborough.

Meanwhile, a fascinating feature in New York magazine suggests that Fox News chief Roger Ailes has misgivings about some of the own political stars he's helped build.
It will be interesting. At least Steele isn't the usual walk in lock-step sort of Republican, which is why he would of never been hired by Faux News. He can hold an intelligent conversation and I actually find myself looking forward to the back and forth between him and O'Donnell and of course him and Maddow. An intelligent Republican is always welcome in my book, even though agreeing with him is a slim and none choice... for this leftwing nutjob bitch. ;)

His shit-canning reminded me of when the Red Sox canned a winning manager years back..I was like wtf?  Steele won a shitload of districts for the GOP turning the House into THEIR House..what the hell else did they, the idiots who voted for Steele's replacement want..the second coming of JC himself on video exclusively on Faux News? jeez..'s MSNBC's victory and I do look forward to what he says..and hopefully it's not just their friggin talking points..please..not those.You do well up against keep it up..even if I DON"T agree with you Michael.

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