Jun 16, 2011

Howard Stern's tool Benjy Bronk

Photo of the moron from the Slate article
Bronk is the asshole that kept yelling and  interrupting Anthony Weiner's resignation speech this morning. His lewd and totally fuckwitted outbursts were rude and uncalled for. The presser was held in a senior citizen center with elderly residents in attendance.

I am not someone that gets uptight w/suggestive, vulgar or lewd language, as witnessed by my heavy use of profanity here on my personal blog. What pisses me off is that Rep. Weiner, once again, tried to own his mistakes that have cost him his career and cost progressives a much-needed voice within the House of Representatives, but he was interrupted and screamed at, multiple times, by a loser, who is not a journalist, and has no business being at a presser if he doesn't know how to act like an adult. 

Rep. Weiner could of mailed it in..as in releasing a statement like most elected officials do when they have been caught doing something considered wrong, immoral or criminal.

But he didn't. He took to the stage for one last mea culpa and several times he was drowned out by the idiot that works for Howard Stern. Stern himself is, in my humble yet vocal opinion, a misogynistic bag of shit..but Benjy..well he is merely a rude, ignorant bag of batshit that should keep his stupid ass in the office, as he has no clue how to act in certain situations that require an IQ above that of a dandelion.  

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