Jun 27, 2011

Bachmann's Corporate Welfare problem.

The LA Times has already done two pieces (here and here) on Batshit Bachmann's love of money..federal money to be exact. Money that we call..

Corporate Welfare.

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't Batshit Bachmann profess a hatred of said welfare publicly, as in every fucking chance she gets? From one of the LAT writeup's:
The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that Bachmann, a congresswoman from Minnesota and "tea party" favorite, portrayed herself as a fiscal conservative while also benefiting from government funds and federal farm subsidies. An examination of her record and finances showed that a counseling clinic run by her husband received nearly $30,000 from the state of Minnesota in the last five years, with part of the money coming from the federal government. And a family farm in Wisconsin, where she is listed as a partner, received some $260,000 in federal subsidies.
Batshit Bachmann attempts to deflect this critical bit of information by stating it didn't go to her..it went to her family and employees.
Bachmann and her staff declined to talk to about the government assistance for the L.A. Times article. But asked about the issue on "Fox News Sunday," she insisted that she and her husband had not benefited at the expense of federal and state taxpayers.


As the Los Angeles Times reported on Sunday, however, in financial disclosure forms, Bachmann reported receiving between $32,503 and $105,000 in income from the farm, at minimum, between 2006 and 2009.
Right Ms. Teabagger..you had no hand in applying for it either I bet. Why is my Bullshit Meter pegged at this point in the LAT writeup?? Probably due to the following paragraph:
Bachmann also was asked about the farm subsidies on CBS' "Face the Nation." She suggested the public instead should be more outraged about a sharp increase in government limousines in the two years since President Obama took office.
Deflect and lie. It's her stock in trade. Interestingly enough , the other LAT piece has Bachmann and her staff refusing to answer questions, on numerous occasions, about her receipt of Corporate Welfare:

As Bachmann prepares to formally launch her presidential bid Monday in Waterloo, Iowa, Republican strategists warned that she needs to square her record with her public pronouncements.

"She's kind of built an area in the field of candidates where she's the hawk on those kinds of issues, so any sort of issue that will show her record is not totally consistent will affect some of her support," said Craig Robinson, a former political director of the Iowa GOP. "I don't think it's a deal-breaker, but I think it's something she's going to have to be willing to confront head-on."

For now, Bachmann is declining to answer questions on the topic. Her congressional and campaign staff did not respond to numerous requests for comment.(emphasis mine)
We can only hope the Corporate Media will get onboard with asking her and her staff about these issues.  Asking her every-single-friggin-time they see her or her staff. Inundate her and her staff with questions about it.

Because only then will it become national news that this teabagging cunt is a gigantic liar, bar none.

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