Jan 16, 2006

Deploying Soldiers ordered to leave body armour behind.

This story comes straight from Soldiers for the Truth and Nathaniel Helms. Several of the Army's soldiers are told to leave their personally procured body armor at home or face consequences such as: Losing their life insurance benefits and disciplinary actions from the Army. The soldiers wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons..our Army would retaliate against them I am sure. These soldiers are deploying for combat. Yet our government, who still refuses to equip them with life-saving armor among other things, refuses to let them protect themselves.

The soldiers purchased a specific type of body armor, Dragon Skin. The Army is using what many consider to be inferior armor called Interceptor OTV.

This story is so disgusting on many levels..its pathetic to keep our soldiers from protecting themselves, much less threatening them with disciplinary action. The entire article is a good read and can be found here.

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