Jan 17, 2006

"ID" class is cancelled in Frazier Park highschool.

Part of my county, Kern county, lies in the mountains between the San Joaquin Valley and the San Fernando Valley. Frazier Park is a tiny community in those mountains. The local highschool there attempted to institute a class on Intelligent Design by thinly veiling it as a "Philosophy" class. Bullshit I say..and evidently so did a bunch of parents. They took on the School board and by god..lol..i love that pun..THEY defeated the religious right that tried to implement their religion into public schools..The teacher had no background to teach a Philosophy class. BUT SHE WAS THE WIFE OF A LOCAL PREACHER.

Those upstanding parents filed suit, and the school district brethren got a lil nervous..they tried to "work it out"..the parents weren't buying their bullshit..they didnt back off..and today..the school tossed in the towel.

Kudos to those Parents today..they made me proud to live in this stronghold of Republicans who have been ruling the roost far too long. A link to the Yahoo story is here.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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