Mar 4, 2006

Like PlameGate, the Shrub's administration punishes those that dare to oppose them.

Rep. and Repub Peter King of NY has been open about his opposition to the UAE deal. As has others in his party. Mr. King however, is the Head Cheese over at the House Homeland Security Committee.

He has had a trip planned to Iraq for quite awhile. Not only him but two other Repubs and a couple of Dems. They do it all time, usually the company line is "great, they can see what's going on upclose and personal and report back to their constituents." But this time Rummy's side of the group said..sorry, no plane for you, find your own way over there and Mr. King who one would think would be accomodated considering his party affiliation and position.

The esteemed rep from NY wasn't going to make a big deal out of it actually, another member of the House unintentionally mentioned it to the press.

Rep. King says the move will not change his position against the UAE deal. I bet if anything this shit reinforces it, at least I hope it does..get a taste of your company's back hand to the chops did ya Peter?

Sucks don't it. The link to the truthout writeup is here.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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