Jun 24, 2006

Pave paradise, put up a parking lot..or perhaps a Golf Course?.

Its an old Joanie Mitchell song which I think fits the current situation in NOLA.The lower 9th ward is filled with public housing and poverty-level apartments and homes. The state and local officials see this as a grand opportunitiy to rebuilding NOLA in their own image..one of affluence and disregard for those less fortunate. This video is by Chris Hume, he works for TruthOut and runs around the country with his "shoot and run" production company filming the important issues and events of our time. This time its about one of the many of the public housing sites in NOLA that withstood the ravages of katrina and the subsequent flooding. The state and feds are refusing to rehab this property which is virtually unscathed. They have spent thousands of dollars to fence off the property in which people, up until now, were inhabiting. They want to put up a ....GOLF COURSE.

1700 people live in the streets outside the fences around their former homes at this specific location. There are over 7200 public housing units in NOLA. Some have lived there as long as 40 years. They are good people for the most part. They are demonstrating and attempting to raise awareness of what is being shoved down their throats by their elected reps and greedy developers.

On July 4th, these people are going guerilla. They are going to crash down the gates and take possession of their homes and lives again. They know what can happen. They also don't care, they have NOTHING to lose at this point. Watch the video, see hope where there really isn't any. See the faces and hear the voices of the 9th ward. The ones who by no fault of their own are put in harm's way so the greedy bastards can take it for themselves. A Loyola Professor is helping them, he is interviewed in the video. Its a powerful video..it gave me hope...and HOPE is very powerful, it can defeat your empy stomach and fill your soul with fire. These folks have hope too..please watch it.

Katrina Plus Ten Months - Professor Bill Quigley Speaks
A Film by Chris Hume and L. Wild Horse

There are a host of videos that I can recommend on TruthOut's video page which you can peruse here.
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