Jul 14, 2006

DemocracyFest's showing of "The Big Buy:How Tom DeLay stole Congress"

Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films are distributing this film by two Texan's Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck. I got to see the movie tonight, and hear Robert Greenwald speak. I was sitting in front of two folks from Texas, we talked prior to the movie being shown, about corruption and Tom DeLay. Mr. Greenwald said he hopes that movies like this one, his Wal-Mart movie and others he has done can be used to educate and enlighten people to corruption and the need for checks and balances within our state and local governments.

The Big Buy starts at the very beginning of Hot-tub Tommy's career, first as a state legislator(he didn't amount to a hill of beans), then his rise to Majority Leader of the House. It shows us how easy it was for Tommy to pull the strings that changed the lives of all Texans, and ultimately all Americans. They point out crucial votes that were won by less than five votes in the House with Hot-tub Tommy running the show ..

Those five votes were the ones that Tommy DeLay stole by re-redistricting Texas. The seats he helped win with corporate money. Donations that are of course illegal in Texas.

The movie shows two older woman talking at the throughout the movie, both vowing they are life-long repubes..

...who hate Tom DeLay and his power-tripping ass. It was refreshing to say the least, to listen to staunch republicans complain about one man having too much power. At the heart of the movie is DeLays' quest for Power..that biggest of evils, his crack-cocaine.

Its a movie that anyone who cares about our country should see, without a doubt. Democracy can be bought if people like Tommy Delay have their way. And for awhile..DeLay did run the show up on the hill...Ronnie Earle said this:

"You can't break the law in Texas and then brag about it."

They show DeLay at the beginning and at the very end ,the same clip, talking about how he is going to change the way our federal government operates, how he is going to wipe out the EPA, the Departments of Energy, Education, Welfare, HUD, the National Endowment for the Arts and basically ALL social programs or those that protect us. He says..and I quote..

"By the time we get done with this poker game, there might not be any Federal Government left, and that would suit me just fine."

Ain't that some shit. You can watch a trailer of the movie here. If it doesn't chill you down to your bones..your dead fred..



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