Jul 12, 2006

GA's Repubes still against the Voting Rights Act,which goes up for a vote tomorrow.

The Georgia boyz,among others, are still trying to change the Federal Voting Rights Act. The racists are still whining and bitching their collective ass's off. The Senate is supposed to vote on renewing the only true legislation that protects minorty voters tomorrow.

This is kinda cramping Bush's style. He is supposed to address the NAACP at their DC convention this weekend. Its Georgie's FIRST address to the nation's oldest civil rights group, and he dearly wanted to crow about the passage of the VRA as a sign that Repubes are "the" party for blacks and minorities...

Ain't gonna happen Dubya. Not if the asshats in the south get their way. Seems they want to carve out the provisions which call for montoring of regions which historically segregated blacks...like..say, the State of Georgia.

As I posted this past weekend, the GA. state legislator is still trying to pass a bill that will require extra steps and measures to register to vote there. They have tried and failed once..miserably. They have stated they will continue their fight to keep "dead people" from voting by passing bills until some Federal Judge somewhere buys into their thinly disguised racism.

A quote from todays LA Times article about the VRA and those that want to change it, I give you Representative Lynn Westmoreland of GA..its a doozy folks:

"Do you think we treat Japan or Germany differently [because of World War II]?" asked Rep. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia. "Do we treat the British any differently because of the Stamp Act? … If we're going to do that, then let's go back to the Indians and say they butchered Custer.

For the love of God..wtf is he bring up the Indians and Custer for? Does this statement make him look any less stupid or racist?

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