Nov 7, 2006

SCOTUS Justices receive death threats..this ain't right.

We aren't living in Iraq right? Aren't we more civilized than they are? Citizens of these here United States are threatening the lives of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and former justice Sandra Day O'Conner.

Notice they only threaten the females..sumbitches have no balls, if they go after only the females justices. Friggin pussys.

The death threats were received after the Repubes whined about "activist" judges. More than 75% of federal judges have requested security systems be installed in their homes...this stat from Alberto, no less.

South Dakota voters will vote on a referendum known as the "Jail 4 Judges" initiative.Should this become law, it will establish a grand jury which would have the power to indict judges based on "their official legal determinations". Don't ask me what that means, but the way I read it, the Judicial system would not longer be the final word. If someone doesn't like their decision, they could realistically unseat them and bring charges against them..for ruling on the know, doing their job..providing oversight to government entities and others trying to screw we, the people. As they are wont to do more times than not lately.

Sandra Day O'Connor calls this "judicial intimidation". Funny, thats what I thought it was too. She has an OpEd piece up over at the WSJ, the linkage to which can be found here. One section gave me chills:

"Not to be completely outdone, Congress also has engaged in recent efforts to police the judiciary. Seeking to constrain the legal sources that are available to judges, some members of Congress have advocated measures that would forbid judges from citing foreign law when they are interpreting the Constitution. In addition, bills have been introduced in both houses of Congress supporting the creation of an inspector general to investigate and monitor the federal bench. Finally, the House of Representatives passed legislation over the summer that would prohibit the Supreme Court from considering whether the Pledge of Allegiance's inclusion of the words "under God" violates the First Amendment."

What the hell? Who is watching who? Why have a judicial system if its handcuffed, where is the protector of our rights and freedoms? It has no teeth for christ's sake.

This isn't what the framers of the Constitution and the authors of the Bill of Rights had in mind..I swear its not. Its as obvious as the next lie the Shrub or his minions will tell us Wednesday morning.


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