Jan 4, 2007

It's torture when your laughing about hurting someone.

What bothered me the most about the FBI report was the laughing by the guards when they did some of the heinous things to the detainees. That my friends..is torture. When the guards are ENJOYING their job of putting people in pain..THAT is TORTURE!

When a small boy pulls the wings off a fly and laughs..isn't that disgusting? How can we not find what they do in Gitmo disgusting?

When DOD men and women laugh at a man who has shit on himself after being tied in a painful position for 18-24 hours..that is TORTURE! When the DOD personnel laugh at a man who's entire face was wrapped in duct tape..and he is heavily bearded..that my dear reader is torture.

"There was an unknown bearded longhaired d gagged w/duct tape that covered much of his head. SA asked if he had spit at interrogators, and the contractor laughingly replied that d had been chanting the Koran nonstop. No answer to how they planned to remove the duct tape."--I did not write these words..they are words from an FBI agent. Our citizens did this shit to other human beings for christ's sake!

The bulk of the detainees were never charged..they were released...after we tortured them.

We can not allow this to happen in our name. "W heard of technique (not allowed by FBI agents) where a difficult d who would not cooperate would be left in shackles for extended time (12 hrs or more) and the AC turned way low or off. hw notes "environment down - doesn't seem excessive given DoD policy"

But..how do WE stop it? We are as powerless as the Detainees my dear reader. We can march until our legs fall off..we can rally together and scream as one voice..and none of this will stop the torture.

Only Congress can stop this abuse taking place in our name..and those mutha fuckas take office today. We need to bombard them with phonecalls, with letters, we need to march on Capitol Hill with pictures of this abuse..we need to tell them loud and clear every single fucking day:


Retired Col. Ann Wright has a piece up at TruthOut about Gitmo. Read it here.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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