Aug 2, 2007

Saudis are doing "their best"..LMAO!

It was very hard not to hoot and holler when I read this article in the LAT website late tonight.I mean really, who the hell are the Saudi's kidding? Its still the Sunni's versus the Shia's and I highly doubt those rat bastards that bred the majority of the 9/11 hijackers are doing squat to stem the tide of Saudi insurgents flooding into Iraq. But still..check out what their foreign minister had to say on the subject:

"I was astounded by what he said, especially since we have never heard from him these criticisms when he was here," Faisal said, when asked by reporters about Khalilzad's comments. "I ascribed that to his being in the United Nations in New York and not in Iraq."

See, Khalilzad had the nads in a NYT writeup last month to finger the Saudi's in a thinly veiled accusation that "some friends of the United States" that neighbor Iraq "are pursuing destabilizing policies" toward Baghdad.

This all came up because Condo and Gates..the traveling snake-oil sales team just paid a visit to Saudi Arabia. They are on their world tour evidently. Kissing some ass and handing out arms and munition promises to the *cough*loyal Bushies.

Gawd..give me and effin break.

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