Feb 5, 2008

Every vote counts..unless your a Super Delegate of course

No matter how the masses vote this primary silly season, and I get to cast mine today..the true power is in the hands of the "Super Delegates" at the convention in Denver Colorado in August. Alternet has a decent writeup about the current situation with the remaining two Democratic nominees and delegates won and still up for grabs:

* With Michigan and Florida removed from the equation, 2,025 delegates are required to win the nomination, and there are 3,253 pledged delegates.

* To date, four states with a combined 137 pledged delegates have held nominating contests.

* Currently, Barack Obama is projected with 63 pledged delegates, and Hillary Clinton is projected with 48 (source).

* On Super Tuesday, 22 states and a couple territories with a combined 1,688 pledged delegates will hold nominating contests.

From this point, quick math shows that after Super Tuesday, only 1,428 pledged delegates will still be available.

Now, to be honest, this Super Delegate crap gives me a huge headache..trying to figure it out is not something I want to do..I leave it to the damn pundits to do it for me. Hillary has the bulk of the Super Delegates, which are elected legislators, party big wheels, Governors and the like. Every time one of these jackasses comes out publicly for either Hillary or Obama, thats a Super Delegate telling you and me how they will vote at the Democratic Convention.

No one controls the Super Delegates. They can vote for whomever they want, unlike the regular joe and jill delegates that are pledged to vote however their primary turned out or how their caucus voted.

Its a damn shame that when it comes down to the convention..our votes won't really determine who the Democrats put up as their candidate.

And thats wrong on every level.

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