Feb 2, 2008

It's almost as if no one wanted the white guy to win.

I say this in all honesty..as someone that identifies as a brown bitch...with a liberal sprinkling of Norwegian in her.

I am not convinced that we needed to catapult both the black guy and the white woman to the front of the line in the Democratic race to pick a final candidate.

Besides..Hillary isn't the first woman to hold forth an interest in her party's nomination. Margaret Chase Smith did it..in the Republican party no less....in 1964. Look it up if you don't believe me. She was actually the first woman to hold office in both the House and the Senate. So all the tongue-wagging about a woman and a black becoming the Democratic nominee should be a part of the 'conversation' but not the highlight of it.

I think the guy with the best 'message' was marginalized enough by the pundits and the media to render him useless.

And that's fucking wrong on every level. But it is...what it is.

The problems facing us are many, and the majority of them came about because of the Corporatocracy and their influence with the members of Congress and the White House. If you don't buy that, I don't think you want to read the rest of this post. Seriously..you don't.

John Edwards was the only candidate that constantly pointed out the obvious when it came to what he called two America's. He pointed to influence by the lobbyists who in turn represent the monied interests of Big Business. That they are allowed to give money to election campaigns and lobby them directly in Congress is obvious. It's not friggin rocket science people. They control the agenda.

DCap(DistributorCap) said it best in the comments of the post below this one. Having an agenda and getting something done are two distinctly different things. The candidates will say anything to get our vote, to get elected. Being able to put their agenda in front of Congress and actually have it pass..well..it ain't easy is it? Even when you control the White House and the Congress, as Bush did the first 6 years of his Presidency, the only thing he managed to get done was the fucked up No Child Left Behind Act...and of course his legacy..the Mucked-up Middle East.

So, logically, now that we have narrowed our choices to either a black man or a white woman..we should really look at which one is the 'most electable' against whatever jackass the Republican's put up. Their agenda's are not that different..they both bow before the special-interest gods in some form or fashion..The only question left to be asked is..

Which one can win in November?

The floor is now open..gimme your best shot please on why we should vote for either Clinton or Obama. I know some of you will vote for which ever gets the nod..don't deny it..you know you will. Because you think a Democratic President has to be better than another Rethug.

And that very well might be true. But still..which one do you really want? John McCain will take a lot of the independent and moderate votes, if you try to deny this..your fooling yourself. The base of his own party can't stand his ass..This makes him attractive to those voters who like someone different..or outside the usual scope of jackassery.

The polls..for whatever they are worth..show that McCain can be beat by both Hillary and Obama..by differing margins. When new polls are released TPM Election Central has them all here. And we know that polls can be horribly wrong too..

That's it..I got nothing else.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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