Dec 1, 2008

Another Loyal Bushie in trouble..

Dunn Lampton is a real piece of work. He prosecuted, unsuccessfully I might add, Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver E. Diaz Jr. for bribery and tax evasion. From RawStory:

The Department of Justice’s Office of Professional Responsibility and the US Treasury Department are investigating allegations that a Bush-appointed US Attorney inappropriately shared private income tax information on one of his targets with a state judicial commission that included one of his relatives, according to court documents and a source close to the investigation.

Dunnica Lampton, the US Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi, is already under investigation for allegations of political prosecutions in his state. According to new documents viewed by Raw Story, Lampton allegedly shared the private income tax records of then-Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver E. Diaz Jr. with the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance and with one of its then-commissioners, his distant cousin Leslie B. Lampton.

Loyal Bushies…gotta love em.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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