Mar 22, 2009

Rightwing hate speech pumps up the wacko's.

This week Bill Maher has a good show. Bernie Sanders representative for Vermont and KO are on for starters. C&L has the transcript of this exchange here. As Olbermann notes, this kind of bullshit and bravado hate talk incited good ole Timmy McVeigh.

And before Steve, our resident rightwing nutjob, starts bitching that the left does it too...we folks don't go out and kill people, we just warn and whine a LOT.

These folks have a huge bully pulpit at their disposal...the airwaves. I can easily name 8-10 of these sick fucks that condone or attempt to inflame the violent extreme rightwing nutjobs. You, the reader, can probably do it too. This shitfest below is just one example of outright fuckery with not even an ounce of truth in it. Beck and the NRA..sweet-fucking-jesus-in-a-speedo...make it stop before someone else dies at the hand of a lunatic that can read on a 6th grade level, but owns a fucking gun or two.BTW, I personally own a gun, I am not against gun ownership per se.

Where is the responsibility for what comes out of your piehole when you use America's airwaves to reach millions? It's bullshit for the masses.

Thanks to C&L for both videos. They so rock, don't cha know?

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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