Nov 16, 2009

This book is worth reading..

Tomorrow a new book will hit the stores. No, I am not talking about “Going Rogue: An American Life”, Palin’s new memoir, I am talking about “Going Rouge: Sarah Palin – An American Nightmare“. This book contains articles and essay’s written about Sarah the Impaler from well-known left of center folks like Max Blumenthal, Eve Ensler, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Jessica Valenti, Juan Cole, Jim Hightower, Robert Reich, Naomi Klein and my favorite.. Matt Taibbi. Truthout has a  writeup about this new endeavor and speaks to the editors Richard Kim and Betsy Reed about their book that exposes the former Alaska governor for what she really is…a publicity whore who hasn’t a clue about running a government and is so self-serving it’s downright pathetic and dangerous for America.

This book isn’t a personal attack of Palin the individual, its a testament to her record as a politician who seeks to hold America’s elected highest office despite her massive shortcomings and extreme right belief system. A section of the books introduction:

Palinism works by draping hard-right policy in a winning personal story and just-folks rhetoric, delicately masking the extremism of her true positions and broad- ening the audience for them. Its genius rests in its ability to magically absorb inconvenient facts and mutually contradictory realities into an unassailable personal narrative. In the Palin universe, her unwed pregnant teenage daughter Bristol is somehow a poster child for abstinence- only education; hence criticism of Palin’s sex-ed policies is an attack on her family. While Palin says tolerantly that members of her own family disagree about abortion, that there are “good people” on both sides, and that she would “personally” counsel a pregnant 15-year-old who’d been raped by her father to “choose life,” she actually believes that a child in that situation should not have the legal option to terminate her pregnancy. Although Palin is an aggressive advocate for opening up the United States’ oil reserves to drilling instead of investing in renewable energy, she labels herself “pro-environment,” a stance exemplified by her love of shooting animals or her husband’s hobby of racing snowmobiles across the tundra. And who’d dare question Palin’s foreign policy credentials, when her son Track shipped out to Iraq after high school?

A small taste of the Q&A with the editors in the TO article:

TO: Why do you think Sarah Palin remains so widely accepted by conservatives as a viable national politician, despite her obvious shortcomings?

RK: A part of that is definitely the narrative she sells; being a mom from Alaska. Also, she also does share the views of 20 percent of the electorate: the far right. And it’s clear that they are not actually thinking in this moment of winning national elections. They’re not even trying to hold onto a seat in New York’s 23rd district, which has been in Republican hands since the 1850s. That was the race where Sarah Palin intervened and hacked out the moderate Republican. So that’s a big question that’s unknown: Is the Republican Party going to follow Palin into basically suicidal territory in terms of a national election?

Below is Robert Greenwald’s short video explaining the basis of the book and why it’s important to get the facts out about this irresponsible woman who seeks to drag our nation into the abyss and make a few bucks for herself whilst doing it.
Never underestimate Sarah from Wasilla. She is dangerous and crazy like a fox..and the far right adores her, regardless of her shortcomings and failings as a leader on every level.

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