May 31, 2011

2 years ago, a Dr. was murdered for performing a legal medical procedure.

May 31st marks the second anniversary of the murder of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita KS.

Federal Judge J. Thomas Marten is a douchenozzle that thinks that Dr, Mila Means, who wanted to provide the legal procedure known as abortion in Wichita after Dr. Tiller's murder, is wrong when she says a threatening letter she rec'd was not protected political free speech, and she wanted an injunction against the wingtard that sent it to her.  The extremist rightwing anti-choice nutjob is Angel Dillard. Lets look at part of that letter and you decide if it's protected free speech or a friggin threat, from The Kansas Free Press:
"They (meaning all those peaceful, culture of life, law abiding citizens like Scott Roeder) will know your habits and routine. They know where you shop, who your friends are, what you drive, where you live". And, to be even further helpful, Dillard adds in the most sweet manner, " You will be checking under your car everyday-because maybe today is the day someone (hmmm, maybe Dillard?) places an explosive under your car."
This is the way these anti-choice extremists deal with Doctors who perform legal medical procedures known as abortions...regardless of the reason for getting saving the life of the mother for instance, or rape, or incest. These anti-choice assholes have done it for decades and get away with it.  Angel Dillard is a piece of shit that thinks Scott Roeder is a wonderful man. Roeder is the sicko that killed Dr. Tiller with a bullet to the head at point blank his church.

Dr. Means now is looking to move her practice that has been operating all along as an OBGYN clinic, without performing abortions. The reason she needs to move is her landlord has sued her. Her stupid ass landlord doesn't want abortions done on his property and his trying as hard as he can to get her the hell out. Other tenants are bitching about the daily slog of anti-choice protestors that continue to show at the link in this paragraph, so everyone wants her out..they don't want no drama.

Fuck them all. May they all rot in the hell their god has created. To wish death upon someone is wrong in their religion and to actually kill someone, as Roeder did, is a sin..but these fuckers twist it all around so they don't have the guilt of creating such sin. It's pathetic and this shit was supposed to be made illegal by several laws created decades ago to protect abortion providers.

But we are talking about Kansas..a place where even the law enforcement fuckers don't bust their asses to get there when one of these nutjobs actually goes into a clinic and starts screaming obscenities and threats at the Doctors and their staffs.

You don't have to believe in abortion to know this kind of shit is wrong on every level. You don't have to support abortions or some one's right to get one IF they so feel they need know that the tactics used by these sick fucks should be illegal and if they are federally illegal..the damn local law enforcement bastards should enforce said laws.

As someone that used to help women in San Diego get into clinics for their legal procedures that had to walk through the horrendous gauntlet of a screaming mob shoving pictures of dead fetuses in their faces and calling them murderers..I know what the hell I am speaking about. These people remind me the assholes at Westboro Baptist. They hide behind the law of free speech to pull this crap off daily.

But sending a letter like that asshole Angel Dillion did and then having a judge tell the receiver of the letter that you over makes me physically ill. Especially after Dr. Tiller was killed in cold blood in the same fucking town.

Federal Judge J. Thomas Marten's agenda is now clear..he too supports those anti-choice assholes that use any means necessary to get their way. Again from the Kansas Free Press writeup:
History should not repeat itself in Wichita. For too many years public officials allowed threatening mailers, violent rhetoric, confrontational protests and other abuses to be hurled against Dr. George Tiller. This protected speech escalated until Dr. Tiller was murdered. One would hope that those same public officials would have learned how words can be the trigger to physical violence. As Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. stated: "Freedom of speech is not absolute." Dillard's irresponsible speech leaves little doubt that her words were not loaded with bad intentions.
It's wrong on every level..and a federal judge just gave his approval..disgusting fuck.  For me, he is even more disgusting than that deranged idiot that wrote the threatening letter. She is just nuts..he is a sitting judge. I hope his God has mercy on his soul..because I sure as hell do not.

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