May 25, 2011

From our Dept of WTF: Rand votes AGAINST Ryan's Budget Plan.

I was sort of dozing...when I heard the talking head on tv say that the Senate voted down Paulie Ryan's heralded Budget Plan this afternoon...and five Republicans voted against it.

As in they voted w/the Dems to say no to it.

So I sat up, very gingerly, and waited to hear who the Republicans were that voted against Paulie's plan. 4 of the 5 votes I understood based on who they were...but when the talking head said Rand Paul...well...

I damn near shat myself.

How is that gonna play in KY, Senator Rand Paul, you teabagging jackhole?

As I googled the vote, I found this piece at the CSM that has a lovely quote from one of the Senate R's about the vote..please..note the asshole saying it:
“It’s a shocking display of irresponsibility,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) of Alabama, after the vote. “They have said: we’re not going to produce anything. We’re just going to attack what you’ve done.”
Isn't that all the fucking R's have done for the first two years of Obama's administration?

The answer is yes.

So fuck you very much Jeffy for having a shortass memory and being a bit of a hypocrite. How did you feel when it went down today and how did you feel about those five R's that voted against it as well, but you failed to acknowledge their votes against Ryan's bullshit budget Jeffy Sessions?

I don't expect an answer from the just felt good to ask it. ;)

Today's, Picture.

It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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