Aug 10, 2007

Accountability? We don't need no stinking Accountability!

Slate has a good read up this morning by Tim Grieve. Its called: Accountability? Libby?Gonzales? Let me tell you about 9/11. Mr. Grieve delves into the Asshat-in-Chief's press conference yesterday and the responses to some of the questions he ducked. The question regarding accountability was one the Jerkwad-in-Chief took pains to spin, in his best Roveian spin:

"Lewis Libby was held accountable, Bush said. "He was declared guilty by a jury. He paid a high price for it. Al Gonzales -- implicit in your question is that Al Gonzales did something wrong. I haven't seen Congress say he's done anything wrong. As a matter of fact, I believe we're watching a political exercise. I mean, this is a man who has testified. He sent thousands of, you know, papers up there. There's no proof of wrong. Why would I hold somebody accountable who's done nothing wrong? "Frankly, I think that's a typical Washington, D.C., assumption -- not to be accusatory. I know that you're a kind, open-minded fellow, but you suggested holding the attorney general accountable for something he did wrong. And, as a matter of fact, I hope Congress would become more prone to delivering pieces of legislation that matter as opposed to being the investigative body." The reporter tried again. "Given the decision to commute the sentence of Libby, given the performance of Iraqi leaders, is it fair for people to ask questions about your commitment to accountability?"

Isn't that special my dear reader? I think not..I think we are doomed with this jackass at the helm. Someone send him a bag of Pretzels and a fifth of Jack Daniels please!

*Artwork by The Worried Shrimp..check him out he's fabulous!

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