Aug 19, 2008

California state legislator evicted from her office.

I just loved the hell out of this bit of news today. Don't ya know that when I wrote recently about how Nicole Parra said she would support the Republican running for her seat over the Democrat I was so furious I could spit nails. I wanted someone to do something about this creepy-assed DINO. Her recent bullshit move against the Democrat-supported State Budget vote was the last straw apparently. From the Bakersfield rag known as the Bakersfield Californian:

Parra booted from Capitol office

The broom closet wasn’t small enough for Nicole Parra.

Apparently upset about Parra’s decision to withhold her vote on the budget Sunday night, Assembly Speaker Karen Bass Monday exiled Parra from the Capitol entirely.

Capitol observers say punishing wayward members by moving them to smaller offices — including one so small it’s dubbed “the broom closet” — is customary.

But Parra’s transgression was apparently worse in the eyes of Bass.

Parra, D-Hanford, and her staff were given new quarters in the Legislative Office Building, Room 175, across the street from the Capitol — a space about a third the size of the office she was evicted from, said her chief of staff, Derek Chernow, in between packing boxes.

I am giddy with the prospect of Ms. Parra being highly peeved and very put out. She has termed out here in California meaning she can not run for the same state office again. I hope she pulls a Holy-Joe and runs ,for whatever office this assinine career politician will seek, as an Independant because she ain't no Democrat. She wanted perks for her district in return for her vote on our state budget. A budget btw which is long overdue...but that's another story.

Enjoy that closet earned it lady...and, btw... I use the term "lady" very loosely here. ;)


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