Aug 20, 2008

Oh Hell Yes!!!!

A NYT article headline asks the following question:

Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?

If watching Stewart is the only way most young people under the age of 30 get their news, then yes he should be trusted and viewed as a journalist and his show as a news source. With that said...

He also has a great comic sense and makes you laugh through the tears. We all need that. When I can't take the news 'straight' anymore, I watch The Daily Show. I dvr it nightly. Some choice bits from the writeup:

Jon Stewart, on the set of “The Daily Show,” tied Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Dan Rather and Anderson Cooper among admired journalists. And that was last year.


Most important, at a time when Fox, MSNBC and CNN routinely mix news and entertainment, larding their 24-hour schedules with bloviation fests and marathon coverage of sexual predators and dead celebrities, it’s been “The Daily Show” that has tenaciously tracked big, “super depressing” issues like the cherry-picking of prewar intelligence, the politicization of the Department of Justice and the efforts of the Bush White House to augment its executive power.

He does get serious on certain guests. His sarcastic, flippant style is one of my favorite things. His idiotic laugh will get me laughing as well. Watch him for the comedy or watch him for the news...I don't care which...but we all need a little Daily Show in our lives at this point in time. Its three pages long, so bring your lunch if your going to read Michiko Kakutani's article about Stewart and The Daily Show.

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It's moving day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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